Customizer Options

UnderStrap´s customizer settings are pretty barebone as it´s intended to be performant and a starter theme and not a bloated multi-purpose theme like you find them in several theme-stores.

Standard Customizer Settings

Feel free to extend as you wish but UnderStrap core will most probably always remain pretty barebone - despite various comments on our Github Issue tracker that wanted to tell us that UnderStrap doesn´t have any future if we wouldn´t implement options galore.

Well, we´re still there. Nuff said.

We won´t walk you through the standard Customizer settings but just list what´s included and provide links to the documentation where needed.

  • Site Identity: Support for Custom Logo and Site Icon. In case you use a Custom Logo it will replace the Site Title.
  • Colors: UnderStrap currently only supports a page background color. If you need to change other colors please check out the SCSS guide.
  • Background Image: Yes, you can define a background image for all pages.
  • Menus: Take a look at the Menus guide to learn what you can do with them.
  • Widgets: Take a look at the Widgets guide to learn what you can do with them.
  • Homepage Settings: Nothing special there, standard WordPress behaviour.
  • Theme Layout Settings:
    • Container Width: Choose your container width (Fixed with or Fluid with) that match Bootstrap´s container and container-fluid classes. This means either you limit the container width for the content to 1140px max or to claim full width.
    • Sidebar Positioning: Define the default layout that goes for any post layout but can be individually overwritten for posts. Choose between No Sidebar, only Left Sidebar, only Right Sidebar or Left/Right Sidebar.
  • Additional CSS: Nothing special there, standard WordPress behaviour.