WordPress Theme Installer

UnderStrap is available via Wordpress.org. This means you can install it from your WordPress backend just like any other theme…

Standard WordPress Theme Installation

You can install UnderStrap just like any other theme from WordPress.org. This means you can install it from your WordPress´ backend just like any other theme.

Installation from WordPress Theme Directory

Visit AppearanceThemesAdd New Theme and search for “UnderStrap”.

You have the choice to preview UnderStrap in a standard setup without installing it or directly install and activate it when the installation is finished.

Installation by Uploading

If you prefer to install the Github-hosted version or have problems using the Installer from the WordPress Theme Directory you may also choose to upload a .zip- file. Get your Download either from the WordPress Theme Directory or the UnderStrap Github Repository.

Visit AppearanceThemesAdd New ThemeUpload Theme (on top next to the headline).
Select the previously stored .zip file from your HDD and click Install now.

As soon as the upload is finished you may choose to Live Preview or Activate your uploaded theme.

IMPORTANT: If you download UnderStrap from GitHub make sure you rename the understrap-master.zip file to understrap.zip or to rename the uncompressed folder to understrap.

Otherwise you might run into problems updating the theme or using child themes.